Program to open or convert CD/DVD images


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ISOpen is a recording tool that, in addition to the classic burning of data in different formats, offers you the possibility to open CD/DVD images in almost any format (ISO, BIN/CUE, MDF, NRG...).

Additionally, it also allows you to convert the format of the image. Where you normally use a recording program (for example, Nero), you can limit the use of ISOpen to converting the non-compatible images to record them afterwards with your usual program.

Apart from this, ISOpen allows you to realize any typical action of this type of programs: record data or music CDs/DVDs, manage the files and folders of each copy, delete rewritable CDs/DVDs or convert between audio formats to make the recordings lighter.

Finally, the interface of ISOpen is quite standard, so if you have already used this type of applications you will not have any difficulties with it at any time.

The image formats supported by ISOpen are ISO, BIN/CUE, IMG/CCD, NRG, CIF, MDF, CDI, C2D, BWI, B5I, VaporCD, PDI, MD1, XA, CMI, etc.


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